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Сноуборд: Technine Re-Enforcer

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The spiked bat is the ultimate street weapon and the Re-Enforcer is the ultimate Jib weapon. An update of last years Enforcer art this board is hands down one of the most fun boards to ride in our line. Lightweight, super soft and designed with our 9-Rocks Reverse Camber Technology. This single radius reverse camber has a 10cm middle point that touches the ground, while the rest is above it. Although this board is designed for messing around in the park and perfecting perfect presses and butter’s some riders swear by its unmatched performance in the powder. The nose just floats up out of the pow allowing you have the feel of a long powder machine on a smaller board. Get ready to perfect powder buttering this year as well as having a blast in the park. Every rider should have a Re-Enforcer in their quiver.

Технические параметры
Twin Tip



Широкая (wide)

Доступные ростовки
149, 152, 155

Используемые технологии
- Sidecut Info: Radial, - Flex Pattern: Centered medium flex, Rates 3 on Flex scale, - Core Info: Power Tech Core, - Core Features: Carbon Stringers, Honeycomb Air Core Inste, 3-Layer interior dampening, - Fiberglass: Stitched bi-axial laminate, - Base: Extruded IS 1320 with screened art, - Graphic Features: High gloss and rough touch effects with foil stamp lace lock

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