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Сноуборд: Smokin KT-22

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от 16 000p.
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The all mountain ruler, the KT-22 is the original bad ass board from Smokin. Directional shape and flex makes for a ride you can go absolutely anywhere with. From hiking fresh tracks off Eagle’s Nest to hot lapping the pipe, the KT was built to push your limits. Since day one the ability to shred it all has been the mark of a well-rounded rider and this board suits their needs perfectly. Now available with Clash Rocker, the KT has upped the ante of what makes a great all mountain board. Effortless float in pow meets precise edge hold on hard pack, the KT-22 can conquer it all. Abstractified Skeleton King graphics by Goran Krstic.

Технические параметры
Twin Tip

Hybrid (комбинированный)



Широкая (wide)
доступно оба варианта

Доступные ростовки
154, 156, 159, 162, 166, 172

Используемые технологии
Clash Rocker (CTX), PoP Gnarley, VDFLU, Magne Traction, True Twin, Park Flex, R3 Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing, 3 Year Warranty, Bummer Replacement,

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