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Сноуборд: Roxy T-BIRD

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Torah Bright is best known as a halfpipe shredder, but shes just as hyped on cranking out mellow laps on the hill with friends. Thats why she teamed up with Roxy to design the T-Bird BTX+ womens snowboard. Where her Eminence model is built for unrestricted charging, the T-Bird mellows out the formula with a focus on jibbing all around the hill. Its built around Roxys BTX+ profile, which uses a mellower elliptical camber in the tip and tail for freestyle fun. Consider it a daily driver for the girl who thrives on progression from the steeps to the park.

The T-Bird runs on Roxys BTX+ profile. That means its rockered between the feet, for deep snow float, and theres a mild elliptical camber in the tip and tail for control on firm snow. The elliptical camber is less aggressive than the camber found in the Eminence, which gives it a more relaxed feel. It gets better with Magne-Traction edges, which place seven strategic bumps along the edges, giving you a bunch of grip, especially on hard pack snow. The twin shape makes it ride exactly the same, switch or regular, for unlimited freestyle. The Bio Beans topsheet is not only made from renewable materials, but its sparkly, so you know its good. It uses a sustainably harvested Light Alloy wood for a poppy ride. The Teflon infused TNT extruded base holds up to long jib sessions, and it slides super-fast, even when you forget to wax it for a day or two. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that your snowboard was built in an environmentally conscious facility by snowboarders with jobs.

Технические параметры
Twin Tip




Широкая (wide)

Доступные ростовки
142, 145, 149, 152

Радиус бокового выреза
780 см, 800 см, 810 см, 820 см

Используемые технологии
Torah Bright pro model, BTX+ profile (rocker between feet, elliptical camber in tip and tail), Twin shape, Magne-Traction edges, Bio Beans sparkle topsheet, Light Alloy core, TNT Teflon infused extrued base

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