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Сноуборд: Rossignol Hellraiser (W)

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Don't just have fun, bring it.

The world's only one-size-fits-all & do-it-all board on the market with a women-specific waist width.
Learn faster, progress faster, ride faster, mach all over the mountain or go kill the park.

Технические параметры
Twin Tip



Широкая (wide)

Доступные ростовки

Используемые технологии
EXTRUDED 3300, A lower density factory finished extruded base: fast and easy to tune. Does not require frequent waxing so you can spend more time riding., FACTORY TUNED, The base is sanded with a single way belt for a low friction rate and excellent durability., FLEX 5, Each style has a specific flex pattern, or profile, that greatly influences its flex rate. Test-riding a board is definitely the best way to make sure its flex pattern and rate fit your needs. But for those of you who may not have the opportunity to test-ride our boards, we've designed a simple indicator, that ranges from 0 (for gum) to 10 (for stiff), that will help you compare them and occasionally fine-tune your decision., TRUE TWIN, Stiff nose and tail for pop and high impact landings, soft waist for balance on rails and smooth transitions.

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