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Сноуборд: Nitro Blacklight

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Similar to the Prolight but with a slightly wider waist. The Blacklight incorporates a high grade sintered base, triaxial glass and a progressive sidecut for performance on the ground, and light weight construction with tapered tips and tails and a Powerlite core for effortless spins whilst airborne…. The best of both worlds!

Manufacturer's Description:

The Blacklight is Andreas’s and the team’s go to board when they need to step it up in the backcountry or all mountain terrain. This board destroys it for riding bigger and faster. It is a mid-wide deck that is ultra lightweight, super responsive and reacts like a tuned, high tech shred weapon. The directional twin shape has an extended nose and tail resulting in smooth powerful landings, both forward and switch. For 2010 the new sintered speed formula II base offers mind numbing speed to haul ass in all snow conditions.

Review of Nitro Blacklight:

Wowey the Nitro Blacklight is such a powerful snowboard to ride. Designed to be ridden at speed by aggressive riders, the Blacklight railed faultless carves on piste and powered through crud and corn snow, the progressive sidecut meant easy and twitch free initiation and energetic exit. The shovel shaped nose and tail provided plenty of float for deep snow landings and playing about on powder days. Off kickers the Blacklight was super stable thanks to the slightly wider waste and the stiffer flex pattern. These characteristics are perfect for straight lining into big transitions and setting down the landing gear on super steep high speed landings. Undoubtedly too stiff for those of you who spend a lot of time on rails and boxes and any one who’d consider themselves a beginner. Anyone on the experienced side of intermediate and up will love Nitro’s Blacklight.

Технические параметры
Directional Twin



Широкая (wide)
доступно оба варианта

Доступные ростовки
155, 157, 160, 163

Используемые технологии
Flex and Rider Style – All Terrain Flex: Nitro’s most versatile flex pattern, combining signature pop with smooth response, allowing you to tear up the whole mountain. , Construction and Core – Powerlight Core: The highest grade ultra-lightweight poplar makes the perfect ride with lots of pop and unmatched strength at minimum weight // Tri-Lite Laminate: The perfect blend of flex and torsion control. A Nitro tuned Tri-Lite glass with fibers running in 3 directions makes for a quick-turning and trustworthy board when on edge // Rock Bands: Extracted from stone aged over millions of years, basalt reinforcement fibers are ultra strong yet carry loads more reliability than conventional fibers. Tip-to-tail stringers transfer riders input to help you drive your board and stay in control. , Sidecut and Edges – Progressive Sidecut: Making turns easy to enter with powerful acceleration throughout. , Base – Speed Formula II Base: Rocket science put to work! A nanotech wax formula deeply infused into the ultra high molecular weight sintered base material makes its surface lightening fast in all snow conditions. Highly tuned yet damn durable.

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