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Сноуборд: Flow Verve

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от 14 900p.
The Verve is the perfect freestyle board for any park-specifi c shred.
- Flow''s Whiskey Royale technology utilizes biax fi berglass inserts beneath the rider''s
bindings to eliminate chatter on or off the trail.
- The Verve has a TruTwin shape making this board a hit in the park.
- Flow''s new EZ-Rock reverse camber is now more mellow with a convex base to make
for more styled-out presses with a fl at tip and tons of tail fl ex, without sacrifi cing pop.
- An extruded Optix 2000 high density base for strength on park rails and easy maintenance
ensures more time on the hill.
- The Verve has a Trufl ex core providing extra pop for ollies and support while riding
away from the biggest jumps in the park.
- Aligned with EZTransitional sidecut, the Verve helps stabilize your landings in the
park and keeps you in control when you need it most.

Технические параметры
Twin Tip

Rocker (reverse camber)



Широкая (wide)
доступно оба варианта

Доступные ростовки
149, 152, 155, 158

Радиус бокового выреза
770 см, 790 см, 800 см, 810 см

Используемые технологии
Whiskey royale , shape tt , camber EZ-rock , base O-2000 , core tru-flex , sidecut EZDT

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